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The Graphic Sound is a podcast about creativity and work. Digging into the thought processes behind graphic design, illustration, and other creative fields, the show aims to uncover simple principles that drive creative people. Hosted by graphic artist Brandon Rike, a leading designer in the music merchandising industry, The Graphic Sound exists to simplify the methods with which we put our creativity to work.

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    011 - Wavelength

    There's more behind the project you're working on. You have a choice as to whether or not you choose to tune into that other wavelength. Host Brandon Rike explains the desire to know what's behind the projects we fill our days with, and the practical benefits of focusing on more than just the visuals we make.

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    010 - w Andy J Miller (Creative Pep Talk)

    Brandon sits down with fellow podcaster and illustrator, Andy J. Miller. Andy tells his story about how he became an illustrator, and what he's trying to capture with his art. A good conversation about why artists do what they do, and how they manage to make a living with their talent.

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    009 - Simplicity

    Simplicity takes courage. Brandon gives a peek into his though process for designing simple logos. In our design concepts, the courage comes from a deep understanding of the story behind what we make. Knowing the story, and knowing how you arrived at your simple solution can allow you to be able to stand up for your concepts.

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    008 - w Ryan Clark (Invisible Creature)

    Invisible Creature's work has been a constant inspiration throughout the design career of myself and many of my peers. Ryan Clark, along with his brother, Don, have consistently created stunning work from album layouts to cartoon illustrations for Target. I sit down with Ryan to find out what pushes him to create great work in so many different fields.

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    007 - Pushing Through

    Sometimes we take on more than we should, and we have to grind through it. It's too late to change the deadline, too late to change anything - only enough time to put our heads down, and grind it out. But how?

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    006 - w Jesse Bryan (Belief Agency)

    Understanding the thing behind the thing. We can make great graphics, buy Why? Brandon sits down with filmmaker Jesse Bryan to discuss finding the story behind why we do what we do.

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    005 - Obsessed

    What is truly fueling our careers in a creative field? Before any expectation of status or income was our focus, we were simply creative people, wanting to spend our time doing creative things. Let's remember why we started doing this in the first place.

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    003 - Answers

    Host Brandon Rike answers questions from Twitter on favorite designers, daily struggles, routines, workflows, college, and more.

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    002 - Burnout

    Why do we get burnt out? What can we do about it? Graphic Artist Brandon Rike discusses the frustrations involved in losing passion, and methods to get back up.

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